Summer is over, but the sun is still shining, it’s a great time to consider a new do! Whether it’s time for a brand new look or adding some winter shades for the upcoming party season now is the time for that autumn hairstyle transformation.

Adding some warmer tones to your blonde locks will add depth and vibrancy giving it a sunset feel.  Gold and caramel shades complimenting those strands will keep things toasty after a sizzling summer.  We’re also seeing more strawberry blondes and rose gold shades coming through for Autumn 2018, it’s a great time to be blonde.  The warmth from these hues are ideal for neutral skin tones, olive tones darker skin tones with cooler undertones.

autumn hairstyle 4

If you’re daring for a cooler shade, why not turn your blonde hair into an icy shade of platinum.  Platinum isn’t just for short pixie cuts, if you have long, strong and luscious hair adding bonding formulas to the process will protect each strand from the bleach leaving the hair smooth and nourished, without the damage.  Generally speaking platinum shades work better with cooler skin tones rather than warmer skin tones.  You could try some additional light ash blonde highlights against icy platinum blonde hues with a darker root for a more natural look and cool down your summer shades for a new wintery vibe.

autumn hairstyle 3

Smoky browns are the way to go this year for any brunette and it’s suitable for most skin types.  Adding smoky streaks to dark brown hair, lifting it with some light blonde highlights and toning it down with a dark ash toner will give an extra pop to brown hair leaving you with a sleek and sophisticated look.

autumn hairstyle 2

This is what Autumn and Winter is bringing for 2018, warm blondes, icy platinum’s and smoky brown, they’re all kinds of awesome! So what will your shade be this season? The team at Barbarella Hair are waiting for you to beautify your tresses, so pop along for a visit and a chat to one of the team who will give you the best advice whether you need help in deciding what your Autumn/Winter look will be this year, or giving you advice on how to achieve these stunning shades.

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