Go long… you wont regret it!


With many celebs  losing her locks and getting the chop, we’ve had so many requests for pixie cuts and daring bobs over the past few months – but is having short hair all is cracked up to be? We don’t think so. Long hair is just as radical as short, and can be much classier…

We don’t use glue on hair. Would you??


Add luscious long length


While we can’t resist creating something that suits our client’s face shape, it’s getting pretty obvious those who weren’t swayed by having less on top are looking for extensions for that quick fix. And our hair extension services are causing a storm throughout our client base!

So the hair extensions experts here at Barbarella are really looking forward to seeing you and finding a shade and length that suits you. If you’re looking for high quality, vivid, Hair Extensions in Northampton, then give us a shout!



The colours you will choose can reflect how you are feeling – or how you want to feel! Go for it…


Always Fresh

Balayage style evolves and always looks fresh. It is one of our most requested styles and for good reason!

A List


There is a reason why celebrities love this style. It simply looks awesome at rest or on the red carpets!

What hair extensions can do for you…


Hair Extensions add volume

Unless you’re blessed with hair like Cheryl Cole (who’ll fully admit to using extensions in her ads) most people can tend to find their hair is quite thin, especially as we age and our follicles become weaker. The pressures and strains of life, as well as medical conditions, can leave hair looking lank and just a bit sad. Hair extensions are a great way to pump up the volume and give your locks a new lease of life. Fine hair needs extra sensitive touch as it can cause sensitive scalps, not to mention most cheap extensions, even if they’re human hair, have very course strands.

Hair extensions add length.

Bored of bobs and put off by pixies, ladies the world over use extensions to add length. Not only that, but with hair only growing on average an inch a month, most women find they want a boost and will opt for extensions to add length and transform their hair. Beware though: there’s nothing worse than hair extensions that are too thin or too obvious. We’ve all seen girls with ratty extensions, and if anything it does more to look hair look tired, thin and just a bit blah, than giving the impression of healthy, long hair. So while you may crave a Rapunzel-length, it’s best to start slow and build up to bigger things.

Add Colour

xtensions are a great way of adding colour through your natural hair. Whether blonde or brunette, choosing a shade or two lighter or darker can add a new dimension to your look, even if you decide to keep the extensions at the same length as your cut. It’s perfect for adding texture without resorting to chaopping to your own hair.

If you’re not a fan of stripping hair to get a totally new colour, clip in extensions are an easy way of adding a streak of purple, blue, green, or any other colour you fancy, without harsh chemicals or colour-from-a-spray-can.

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