Olaplex is the Holy Grail of hair damage treatment, and it has nothing to do with your mainstream hair brands selling you hair stuff full of medical and scientific explanations.

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Olaplex has one claim, and it is to bring health to your hair despite the kinds of hair color treatments you bring to it. In a phrase, Olaplex repairs hair damage.



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Your hair, transformed to you 20’s hair with bounce and volume.



Olaplex is that good. Don’t think conditioning, it’s much more…

Five Reasons To Use Olaplex


No more fear of chemical based treatments 

Every woman knows the feeling of wanting to get hair treatments, but what holds them back is the thought of damaging their hair. With Olaplex, you can feel more relaxed knowing that your hair is being taken care of as you get that bleach and dye. In fact, you can now go as blonde as you please. Though, of course, you can’t rely too much on phenomenal hair products such as Olaplex. If you change your mind about your hair color on a weekly basis, then no product can guarantee to give you healthy hair. But the good thing about Olaplex is that it reduces the damage your hair gets with each treatment. According to online sources of first hand users, Olaplex is usually added to treatment mixtures and if your hair is already damaged prior the procedure, the stylist can apply Olaplex on your hair first before applying the Olaplex-treatment mixture. What this all means is that, after your treatment, you’ll get that healthy looking hair that you want instead of the typical dry, damaged, and almost dead hair that people get after applying hair chemicals.

Regular use after the salon session.

If you’re concerned about the health of your hair after getting a salon bleach, dye, or any other treatments, you can continue to use or be treated with Olaplex, not exactly on a daily basis, but perhaps around once per week, to make sure that you regain you hair’s health as time pass by. You can get Olaplex treatment at a salon or your stylist can give you some after your treatment for home usage.

Salons trust it.

If salons can trust it, maybe you should too. Hair stylists won’t use something that will harm their clients. If their clients are harmed, business will be harmed. Olaplex is trusted by stylists not only because it is safe, but also because it works wonders too. Every stylist wants their clients to leave their salons happy, and what better way to make them happy than giving them healthy looking hair despite the bleaches and dyes! With that said though, it is important to only use salon products with the help of an expert. Olaplex can be a miracle worker, but it must be used by the right hands for best results.

Well known people can attest to it.

Olaplex became a huge hit in the US and it is now taking UK by storm. Popular salons have been using it to transform the texture of people’s coloured hair and even Kim Kardashian commended the product without officially being its endorser. As Kim K would say it, “…it really works! I notice a huge difference!

Bring back your 20’s hair

Decades of hair treatments can clearly bring permanent damage to your hair. However, with Olaplex, you are given a chance to gradually bring back your healthy hair. It’s hard to claim how long it would take, but the product has only one purpose and it is to repair the damage of your hair regardless of the number of years it took for all that damage to accumulate. With continuous usage, it isn’t impossible to regain that healthy hair you had in your 20’s.

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