My first client was at the age of 12 (colouring my mums hair). It all started from there. I love Barbarella because of the smiles we put on our wonderful client’s faces.

LEVEL 5 | Hair Extension Specialist | Colour Master |



I have been hairdressing for the 16 year’s and love to catch up with my clients/friends. I love working with the team at Barbarella, there is always a giggle somewhere!

LEVEL 5 | Hair Extension Specialist | Colour



The most rewarding part of being a hairdresser is showing my clients the finished results and seeing their smile! I love how creative our team is, whether it’s colour or big bouncy blow-drys.

LEVEL 3 | Cutting | Blow Dry | Fun



I’ve always had a passion for hairdressing since my early teens but was too nervous to pursue it. I finally got into hairdressing because a friend of a friend had worked where he was training and convinced me to go for it. I am so glad I did because I love it!
I love helping change people’s lives even if it’s just for the day – I love making people feel good with a new look!

  LEVEL 2 | Colour | Balayage | Restyle

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I have been working in the hair industry for 10 years  both in the UK and overseas. My main drive and passion is to help clients feel confident within themselves by providing an educated, experienced and individually focussed approach to achieving their dream look. I hope to meet you soon!

  LEVEL 3 | Colour | Balayage



If I could be anyone in the world it would be Beyoncè, she’s my favourite singer/person! I love sloths so much, I cry every time I go to the zoo and see one! I have adopted one at London Zoo, he’s called Sid! I won a competition when I was 7 for staying on a pogo stick the longest, that’s kind of a talent!! If you need a new look or restyle, that’s my bag and I cant wait to meet you…

  LEVEL 2 | Colour | Balayage | Restyle

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Every year for Christmas my Dad brought me Barbie blocks for Christmas to practise hair on, I then practised hair on my dad and grandma when I was younger and finally started hairdressing properly in 2015! I was so determined to get into this exciting industry and sent my CVs to all local salons 2 times a week. I absolutely love working for the fun and talented Barbarella team!

  LEVEL 2 | Colour | Balayage | Restyle


Front of House

I actually did a level 2 in hairdressing when I left school, however, didn’t pursue the career and followed a different path focusing more on the Customer Service side of the industry. I’m obsessed with Beyoncé, makeup and my dog – Benji!

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We are recruiting stylists of all levels. You must be awesome and a real team player. Apply now!



I’m a new apprentice in my first year and started doing friends hair at age 14 – always doing hair ups for all of my friends when they went anywhere. I love hairdressing because I likes to see the transformation of the before and after. The creative side of the business is something I want to explore also.

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Bruno Barbarella

Salon Mascot

I’ve been with the salon since day dot and am the original Northampton salon mascot. I am often imitated, but never bettered!

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