Ombre, Dip Dye, Balyage


Ombre, Dip Dye, Balyage?! Ombre literally means shadow, or shade, in French, and what better way to describe this ever-popular hair trend. It’s simple hair that’s dyed lighter or darker at the ends than the roots, using skilled stylists to hand paint it to each customer’s expectations. But rather than being stuck in the dip dye trend of last year, it’s a style and colour that’s constantly evolving.

Ombre is about you and the contrasts in your life.


Be Unique


What we’re really loving, though, is people going all out and trying something totally different. Love pink? Sporting an all over Barbie dye may be enough to get your boss to have a few words. But a baby pink colour expertly woven throughout the ends of your locks is subtle enough to make any ordinary hair style into something a bit more special.

So the stylists and colour experts here at Barbarella are really looking forward to seeing what’s coming next with this every versatile trend. If you’re looking for an Ombre dip dye hairstyle in Northampton, then give us a shout!



The colours you will choose can reflect how you are feeling – or how you want to feel! Go for it…


Always Fresh

Balayage style evolves and always looks fresh. It is one of our most requested styles and for good reason!

A List


There is a reason why celebrities love this style. It simply looks awesome at rest or on the red carpets!

And there’s more…


Short or long

Speaking of short hair, ladies who’ve braved a crop can also get in on the action. Choosing a shade or two lighter is a great way to add texture to the length. Dark roots and blonder tips show off the variation of a choppy layered cut and works so well with curls. But going really dramatic is the absolute best way to create contrast with a sleek bob.

There is a Balayage, Ombre style for you.

For longer hair, it’s all about having the confidence to try something more dramatic. Gone are the days of barely-there-grown-out-roots-from-last-summer. We’re looking at ridding that boho beach babe look that was all over the UK come festival season, and creating dramatic contrast with platinum blondes and gorgeous reds.

For men and women!

Jared Leto, actor, award-winner and star of Dallas Buyers Club, rocked the Ombre trend at the Oscars, proving that even men are getting in on this. The forty-two year old sported a barely-there two-toned dip dye, looking more like natural sun kissed hair than anything from a bottle.

Ombre for men may sound like a top aftershave only available in the poshest of department stores, but we’re thinking come spring and summer more men will be opting for this two-toned look, especially as a huge trend in men’s hair cuts in Northampton has been the undercut; short sides, even shorter backs, and length on top.

This style can be curly or straight, slicked or messy, so it makes a graduated look even easier. Choosing subtle colours would work wonders on revamping any style.

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