New Year new look maybe?  We’re going to look at what’s happening in 2019 when it comes to our tresses. Do you need inspiration? Are you looking to try something new? How about a dramatic transformation? Let’s admire the courageous lengths some celebs have embraced at the start of 2019.


  1. Powder Blue Hues.


Marc Jacobs kicked off of a trend in 2018 with an inspired colourful pastel trend set land in this year in spring/summer time. Models were strutting down the runway sporting pastel hues that paired flawlessly with the fabric collection that is being revealed.


But Kylie makes the first major leap as she stepped into 2019, going from an icy platinum blonde to a frozen powdery blue!  With Kylie having over 125 million followers on Instagram, we’re expecting to see this shade crop up everywhere in the coming months.


  1. Periwinkle Tints.


If the powdery blue isn’t quite the look you’re going for, but you want a dramatic statement colour, we saw Lady Gaga glide across the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards with periwinkle streaks to match her pastel attire.


2018 saw an increase in millennial pink hues, we’re stepping away from that obsession in 2019 and pastel lilac is set to be the next big hair trend.  These colours are not advised to experiment with at home and could leave you looking like a patchy adolescent who’s dabbled with a couple of tubes of crazy colour tints.  We recommend visiting one of the Barbarella Stylists for one of these happening tints.


Be sure to visit with realistic expectations, to get these kinds of shades. You really need to start with white blonde hair to get the best results, if your hair isn’t at that stage you’ll need a number of visits to get there.  It’s not unachievable, but these results do require a meeting with your stylist a few times and lots of hair aftercare. Be mindful that you’re going to need to stretch the budget for this one.  Of course, if you’re already white blonde, it’s an easier task and you should be celebrating your new look in no time.



  1. Embracing Your Grey


There is such a stigma attached to “going grey” with age, it can hit us as any stage of life regardless of how “old” you might be.  The good news is, 2019 we’re seeing celebs embracing their natural grey strands. Seen here on Jessica Biel, we can only admire the statement Jessica is making by embracing her natural greys.


We love the fact that we’re accepting these age-inclusive tones, it’s a part of life and not something we should run from, but we recommend working with one of our specialist colourists to provide a good balance as your natural hair springs to life with some grey/white/silver tinge.


  1. The Blunt Bob


Be brave and get your bob on!  2019 is the time to do it, the blunt bob is happening this year and it’s here to stay.  This chin-slimming cut can work on all hair types.  Yet another Kardashian has floored us with her stunning blunt bob. Now Kim is regularly pictured with new hair which often makes us question whether it’s most likely a wig, however, we can’t argue with the fact, that they are impressive.  This is definitely her most elegant appearance yet.


This is absolutely something to consider for 2019, make a big statement and chop those locks, be sure to book in with your stylist at Barbarella Hair for your biggest transformation of the year.




Aka Bardot bangs, have been worn by Alex Chung for quite some time, it is her statement look but 2019 are about to see them rock once more in the celebrity world.  They work well with a bob, but if you’re not ready to take your hair to new lengths then this style can really boost your hair, and give you a relaxed elegant finish, with little work to achieve it, as seen on Dakota Johnson.


It’s important to get the look of your bangs right, and your stylist will know just what to do to get the bangs that suit your face shape, there is no one-bangs-fits-all approach so best to consult with your Barbarella Hair Stylist to give you their professional opinion of the weight, shape and length of your new bangs.


We’re excited to see what 2019 brings to our salon and what results our clients walk away with. We know you’ll be completely in ore of what magic our stylists can create. You can expect 100% customer satisfaction and we know our team has what it take to get just that!