Latest Hair Trends


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Wedding season is on the horizon and it’s wedding fairs galore.  There is so much to take in at these events and you’ll be bombarded with everything under the sun from table decorations to wedding entertainment. Wedding makeup is high on the agenda and sets the stage, [...]

Hair Trends Predicted for 2019

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New Year new look maybe?  We’re going to look at what’s happening in 2019 when it comes to our tresses. Do you need inspiration? Are you looking to try something new? How about a dramatic transformation? Let’s admire the courageous lengths some celebs have embraced at the [...]

Simple up-dos for the festive season and NYE

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Do you really have the energy to bedazzle your locks for the party season? Christmas time is hectic. You’re working through wish lists, planning for the perfect Christmas Day, whilst tussling amongst the crazy shoppers for the last bag of sprouts (that no one ever eats!) Well [...]

Five Top Tips that your hairstylist will love you for!

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Read our five top tips hairstylists will love you for below Tip One:  Pictures are for guidance only, we’ll do our best to get you as close as possible It’s a big hurdle to overcome for any hairstylist, which I’m sure all stylists will agree with.  When [...]

What will your Autumn and Winter Hairstyle Shade be?

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Summer is over, but the sun is still shining, it’s a great time to consider a new do! Whether it’s time for a brand new look or adding some winter shades for the upcoming party season now is the time for that autumn hairstyle transformation. Adding [...]

5 Party Season Hair Ideas – How To Look Perfect For Parties

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Looking for the right hairstyle ideas this party season? We’ve got you covered! Here are 5 Party Season Hair Ideas to make you sparkle. We know how crucial it is to have a perfect hair in all the glamorous events of your life. The last thing [...]

Five seasonal colours that rock!

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Seasonal changes mean two things. Firstly, its time to look at your wardrobe, and secondly (and most importantly) – its time to experiment with a new seasonal colour! Here are five seasonal hair colours that rock... Seasonal colours are fantastic and can really help to give [...]