Wedding season is on the horizon and it’s wedding fairs galore.  There is so much to take in at these events and you’ll be bombarded with everything under the sun from table decorations to wedding entertainment.

Wedding makeup is high on the agenda and sets the stage, but is everyone hair ready?  Do you have in mind how you picture your hair to look on the biggest day of your life?  Do you need some inspiration?

Well look no further, you will find everything that you need to know about wedding hair trends for 2019.

Tiara’s and pins

They are regal, they are elegant, they are fit for a queen.

On one of the most ceremonious events to take place in a woman’s life is her wedding day and she wants to look the best she ever has as she floats down the aisle with all eyes on her.

Tiara’s and elegant hair pins are not just for royal blood, and they are still very much high fashion in the wedding industry and are making more of an appearance in 2019.  From intricately designed crystal tiaras to graceful hair pins both offer a majestic appearance.

Sarah Ann Wright

Flowers and bows

Nothing says hair statement more than a flower crown!  We are seeing more flower accessories worn down the aisle whether it be a bold flower crown or extravagant wreath to a delicate flower chain, flowers can be worn to suit the look you’re going for.  Don’t be frightened to use more, stand out from the ordinary and add more!

If you cannot picture your wedding hair dripping with crystal hair accessories or woven with beautiful fresh flowers but you still feel like something is missing, we’re seeing pretty dainty bows bring a simple hair style to life.

Why not try a large velvet white bow neatly tidied back with a loose curl pony tail for your big day to finish your look of elegance.

Thomas Concordia
Mich Cardin

Braids and pony tail

Large chunky braids have been a classic look for the past few years, for a loose natural look, simply braided into an updo.

However, tight French braids are making an appearance in the wedding world this year for a sleek fashionista high-end result.  Coupled with a neat smooth glossy pony tail, these looks are different ends of the spectrum one being angelic and pure and the other poised and serene.  How you chose to wear your hair on your wedding day will define the type of bride that you are.

Half-up and loose curls

Half-up’s are elegant and require very little fuss.  This year the half up got a gentle revamp and we’re seeing a move away from big bouncy curls packed with volume and height.  Instead swept back are the face-framing layers and laid flat, secured with a few grips.  This is such a cute look, and it’s so effortless.

It is more about simplicity and an unrefined look, a twist in the swept back layers could add an extra something but it really isn’t needed.

If you want no nonsense hair on your big day allowing your inner beauty to shine, soft loose curls give an organic, wholesome air to your appearance

Mich Cardin

Whatever look you have in mind, Barbarella Hair are the experts in Bridal Hair and they are at your beck and call to help you find your ideal bridal hairstyle.  Book your consultation today and be wowed at the knowledge and experience this team has in bridal hair.