Autumn Hair Styles – Best Looks For This Year’s Fall

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Autumn is coming near, and as a woman, you’re probably wondering what the next trend in hair styles would be. Autumn offers one of the best weathers there is, which opens the door to multiple possible hairstyles that may not be quite comfortable if it’s summer or [...]

6 Reasons to embrace the Balayage hairstyle trend

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We have used the Balayage technique for as long as we can remember but this timeless technique is now becoming one of the most requested style at our Northampton based hairdressing salon. Balayage is the French word meaning for sweep or to paint. When applied to hair [...]

Our Favourite Oscars Hairstyles

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It's Oscars weekend and we just love the awards season and the amazing hairstyles on show! They always inspire our future work in the salon and we have a lot of clients that ask us to recreate the red carpet looks. So here are our top 10 Oscars [...]

A Stunning Braid in 4 Steps

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This Braid style is EASY to do in 4 easy steps... 1) Part your hair to the side, but instead of brushing the hair down over the opposite ear, brush it in a diagonal back behind your opposite shoulder 2) By the part, start a French braid and [...]