Five Top Tips that your hairstylist will love you for!

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Read our five top tips hairstylists will love you for below Tip One:  Pictures are for guidance only, we’ll do our best to get you as close as possible It’s a big hurdle to overcome for any hairstylist, which I’m sure all stylists will agree with.  When [...]

Skin Test for New HD Colour

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**IMPORTANT SERVICE UPDATE** We have completed some rather exciting training this week on the new reformed Koleston Perfect by Wells. This enhanced colour has no PPD & PTD which are the active ingredients that you could react to. The results and coverage are stunning - before you [...]

Wedding Hair Trends 2016

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Wedding Hair Trends 2016 As you walk down the aisle or pose for your photos, nothing apart from your dress will say more about your character and personality than your hairstyle. Have you chosen the elegant and refined look or is the look you are channeling one [...]

Regular hair appointments

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Importance of regular hair appointments Regular hair appointments with professional hairdressers and stylists in a hair salon are essential whether you are in the process of growing your hair or not. Speak to our stylists here at Barbarella Hair Salon to discuss the very best time frame [...]

Beware of Photoshop Hair Colour

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Beware of Photoshopped Hair Colour Images There is nothing more that we love as hairdressers and stylists than for our clients to leave our hair salon with a look that they love. Whether they are sporting a new hair colour or hair extensions, we love you leaving [...]