Beach hair ideas…

There are many ways a woman can look good while at the beach. Some styles involve free-falling hair, and others are tidier with a scrunchie or a pin. Needless to say, it isn’t always about how pretty one looks, it is also about how confident a woman feels. So if you’re one of the peeps who are contemplating on what hairstyle to wear at the beach, take a look at our list and pick one that you can confidently don while on your beachwear.

  1. Two Buns Is Better Than One

There are places where a single bun is enough, but at the beach, double buns are the way to go. This look is a little Chun-Li inspired and can work well for pretty pretty much any woman out there. This hairstyle is very simple yet it can drastically change your look from boring to interesting.

  1. Headband Scarves Are Your Friends

The thing about scarves is that they don’t only add magic to your look, they also do something useful. Practically, using a scarf can steer you away from the annoying blowing hair that’s caused by the wind. What’s more is that you can choose from different colors and prints. You can also choose to neatly tie your hair or leave some falling to get a preppy look.

  1. Classic Side Pony Is Classic

If all else fails and if you don’t have the extra time to style, you can also go for the classic side pony. Make it a little more interesting by doing a twisted side pony. You can do so by simply braiding a couple of times before pony-tailing the rest.

  1. The Side Braid Is Your Instagram-worthy Hairstyle

The best thing about side braids is that you do not have to have a shiny TVC-worthy hair to rock it out. It will work with almost any hair type. It looks good, it looks neat, and most importantly, you’ll feel all-comfy rocking it.

  1. Go Modern With A Braid-wrapped Bun

This one is simple yet an effective look for the beach. All you have to do is to add a little magic to the regular bun by twisting a braid all around it. It’s tidy, classic, and can save you from the annoying hair blowing on your face.


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