We love…Vintage Inspired Hairstyles

We love…Vintage Inspired Hairstyles

Vintage inspired hairstyles

Whether you’re a rockabilly rose or a Marilyn Monroe maven, vintage hair will always be in fashion (ok, so the mullet probably won’t ever be en vogue. But then again crimping is coming back into fashion, so who knows!). So here are our four favourite vintage hair inspirations. We love these looks on our clients, so if you’re looking for a ‘do for a special day, let us know and we’ll have you looking fabulous in no time.

For short hair: Marilyn Monroe

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Her iconic 1950s style is envied by many. So if you have sort hair, this is definitely one to try. You’ll need a bit of skill for this one (much like Victory Rolls of the 1940s) but with a few rollers, tongs, pins and a good blow drier you’ll be looking sexy and sultry for that special party.

Pin your fringe out of the way. Using a pair of heated tongs, curl each section of hair by your hairline towards the front. Section your hair evenly and curl each section towards the crown of your head. Keep doing this until your whole head is curly, adding rollers if needed. Then, unpin your fringe and, holding the tongs horizontally, curl your fringe forward. Using a wide toothed comb, separate the curls up, and voila!

For medium length hair: Great Gatsby curls

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Ah to be a gangster’s moll and live the high life of flapper dresses, Absinthe and adventure. You can relive the spirit of the roaring twenties quite easily. A beaded or diamonte headband or ornate slide will be needed, and a little bit of know-how.

Smooth your hair with gloss spray to get it looking glam. You’ll want your roots to be fairly straight and only the lower three quarters of your hair to have a slight wave. Remember, a headband is the key to this look. Curl your hair in sections from midway down the length, and try not to tousle with your fingers. You want to keep them fairly uniform and not loose. Add your headband, a bandeau or hair slide to complete the look.

For long hair: The Bardot beehive

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This sixties hairstyle’s seen a real revival. And no wonder – it’s a great way to add some va va voom to an otherwise ordinary hairstyle. The sixties were known for being free, liberating and glamorous, so go wild with this one! All you’ll need is a backcombing bush, pins, and a few cans of hairspray!

Take a section of hair from the crown of your head and begin to backcomb it slightly forward over your forehead, leaving your fringe for the moment. You’ll want to get a lot of volume there, so be sure to take your time. This is where your look will fly or flop. Once it’s looking suitability frizzy, flip it back, smooth it over slightly and pin it into place. Add soft curls to the rest of your hair, and smooth your fringe over into a side parting. Done! Groovy baby!



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  1. BarbarellaHairx March 8, 2014 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    We love Vintage Hair – so classy but still contemporary!

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