Bruno’s Update from the Salon Floor

2016 has been an amazing year so far for the Barbarella team!! With all sorts of courses and education, the team are getting even more knowledge for you amazing clients!!

In July Hannah, Helen and Sophie are off to Amsterdam for a 12 hour Kevin Murphy session. Which will show them new looks, more product knowledge and a meet and greet of the whole Kevin Murphy team.

Hollie has just qualified as an educator for Kevin Murphy, which means she will now be able to go to other salons and train other stylists in products and colour for Kevin Murphy. This is an amazing deal for the salon, as we now have an in salon educator and Hollie can now pass on her knowledge to all our other stylists and assistants!

Later this year, Hollie and Hannah will be starting their assessors course. This is an amazing opportunity for the girls as they will now be able to asses all of our assistants in salon rather than at college so the assistants will be getting through their eductaion faster and with more one on one training!! The girls will be able to then asses for the college for the rest of their hairdressing career!

Hannah is on her Session Salon course with Kevin Murphy. This is a course that takes a year, and teaches Hannah more in depth product knowledge and key looks for Kevin Murphy. She will also learn how to create her own unique look and how to present it. This type of work is used backstage at photo shoots, fashion shows and editorial work. At the end of the course Hannah will have a graduation which she will create her look on a model and have a photo shoot. This will give Hannah a platform to being able to work at fashion weeks and behind the scene work!

Hollie and Alice are currently on the Kevin Murphy Colour Me course. This is an amazing xourse which gives the girls all the science behind the colours and all the knowledge behind every colour how you can oush the boundries with the colour. At the end of this course the girls will then be Colour Masters, and be able to pass on all their knowledge to all the other stylists and assistants at the salon. So all you lovely clients will be getting the best in the business with colour knowledge!!

Later this year several of the girls will be attending the Kevin Murphy Cut Me course, which will give the girls new techniques into cutting. different ways of texturising and pushing the boundaries with cutting!

We have some exciting news coming shortly regarding our team, watch this space…

And most importantly…we look forward to seeing you again soon.