[gn_heading style=”1″]The Glam Chic Collection[/gn_heading] The Barbarella team attended a glittering catwalk show at the Millenium Hotel last week which showcased Schwarzkopf’s latest collections which we will be bringing to Barbarella Hair for your new look this spring summer!

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One of the reasons we love Schwarzkopf is their uncanny ability to take cutting edge (no pun intended), contemporary, avant-garde hair styles and make them accessible to salon’s clients via their four Essential Looks collections.

The first of the four looks the team will be introducing is the Glam Chic collection which does what it says on the tin! Being both a day and night look this is the head turning look you may be looking for – and as its available in a short, medium and long hair version, no one misses out!

This collection is all about modern dressings & textures with different shades of gorgeous brown colours.

[gn_heading style=”2″]But what does this mean to you?[/gn_heading]

Well simply, the team have been swotting up and perfecting this look which means you can have it too. We will post lots of pictures of the Glam Chic collection on our Facebook wall over the coming week and you can use this as inspiration for your next look. Our advice is not to view the collections as the be-all-and-end-all, but to use them as jumping of points to inspire your next look!

If you see a style you like then email the picture, in confidence, ahead of your visit to bookings@barbarellahair.co.uk or bring it along to discuss with your stylist at your next all important hair consultation prior to your service.

Look out for my next blog which showcases some of the stunning HD colours Schwarzkopfs new Igora range produces. Dont be surprised if I am purple, or pink, or yellow next time you come in!

Bruno x