Why We Skin Test Before Colouring hair

Why We Skin Test Before Colouring hair

There are many reasons why people and salons perform skin test before colouring hair. But in general, this step is done for safety reasons. Colouring the hair involves using products that may or may not be well accepted by one’s skin, and since each and every one of us differ in skin sensitivity, there’s no reason to skip this part. Normally, skin tests are done 48 hours before actual hair colour application so as to give ample time for allergic reactions to take place in case the subject does have bad reactions to the hair dye.

If you’re considering dyeing your hair in the near future, here is a quick safety guideline for you.

The Risk Of Skipping Skin Tests When Colouring Hair

People often skip the part where they test their skins before colouring their hair, especially those who think that they have already become some sort of an “expert” when it comes to home hair colouring. However, what you should know is that the main reason why the skin is tested pre-hair colouring is to ensure that the subject isn’t allergic to the specific hair dye to be used. Sure, it may seem that when it is no longer your first time to use a certain hair dye, you are already safe from allergies. However, allergies can also develop over time and what used to be safe products for you can now cause you irritations. With that said, it is vital for people to undergo skin tests before letting any hair dye touch your scalp. Store hair dyes usually come with skin tests instructions and salon hair color services normally offer skin tests as well.

The Importance Of Getting A Hair Colouring Service From Experts

Safety precaution is the main reason why you should get an expert to colour your hair. Take note that hair experts know hair colours like the back of their hands and with that said, you’ll be assured not just of quality but also of safety. Hair experts also never skip the part where they test the skin of their clients prior to hair colour application. With that, you will be sure that you won’t be taking any risks in getting your hair dyed. This, of course, goes without saying that experts also offer a superb quality service that you can hardly get from doing things yourself. QUALITY plus SAFETY are two of the most apparent reasons why you should always prioritize expert services instead of DIYs.


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