Mens Hair Trends 2016 – spring/summer season

The catwalks for men’s spring/summer 2016 collections showcased a continuation of the vintage revival and hairstyles are following this pattern. The great thing about this is that the majority of different hair types will be able to reproduce these styles. As with all fashions, there are always fresh ways to express your look – even your vintage look!

• Fifties Slick
The slick is a very distinctive fifties style that celebrities are loving this season and the catwalks are showcasing for next season. David Beckham has been wearing a fifties slick with an undercut. The uniqueness of the slick being worn is that, apart from forehead to crown, there seem to be no set styles about the rest of your hair. This really leaves a lot of the style up to your imagination and to show off your individual style. Key styling points here are a good quality gel or mousse and using a comb to add texture.

• Side parting
This is a style that has never truly disappeared. School photos the boardroom; it has always been here. The undercut is prevalent with this style too. On the catwalks, the side parting is being worn as a very short hairstyle with lots of opportunity for customising the look to suit your style. If you want to keep the cut more classic, but still have something to play with at the weekend, ask your stylist to graduate your sides and keep it classically sleek.

• Revival of the Pompadour
While the pompadour started as a female fashion, the current trend is for men’s hair. The important area to get right here is the height straight up from your forehead – otherwise it just collapses into a shabby slick back. The trend is moving towards very short sides and really quite long on the top for a lot of height and a more pronounced look. This looks great for men with curlier hair especially, with some men choosing to curl their hair to really pull off this look. Men with straight hair are also styling their own take on this look by exaggerating the sweep and taking it to the side.

• Fringes
Fringes featured heavily in many spring/summer 2016 catwalk collections. Some designers with for a refined, sleek blow-dried fringe with memories of the nineties creeping onto the catwalk. Other designers focused on texture and dimension of the hair. Fringe hairstyles are easier to reproduce on straighter hair types as well as those with longer hair. By keeping your fringe on the longer side, you allow yourself the options of having a swept to the side look or being able to add texture to your look by styling it slicked or gelled up.

• Textured curls
While perfect for men with curly or wavy hair, if you have enough on top, anyone can wear this look and look great! The key style point with this look is to work on getting that bounce. If your curls are tight, a matte hair mousse worked through your hair will really help you to develop the distinction that this style craves.