Seasonal changes mean two things. Firstly, its time to look at your wardrobe, and secondly (and most importantly) – its time to experiment with a new seasonal colour! Here are five seasonal hair colours that rock…

Seasonal colours are fantastic and can really help to give you that new look as the year moves through its natural changes. So if you’re thinking of going darker from summer to winter, or lightening up from spring to summer, our top seasonal hair colours will help you make the best choice! It’s up to you – go for something that compliments your natural colour, or spice things up and go for a completely new look!

Denim Blue

It’s a fact that denim looks good on everyone – so its no surprise that our first pick is a denim blue for a change in springtime. From deeper indigos to violets, there is no going “too blue” with the colouring, even pastels and washed blues look great and compliment every skin tone and hair type. It’s been one of this year’s hottest trends and will undoubtedly be one of the most sought after shades for spring 2018!


Salon-staples brown and blonde come together for a fabulous winter style called ‘bronde’. Think dark brown base with caramel highlights. Sound good? That’s because it not only gives the best of both worlds for blondes and brunettes, but it keeps a summer flair in your hair as you’re darkening your style to suit the autumn and winter months. See a colourist about this style, as using an at-home kit has the strong possibility of giving brunettes a rusty colour – not quite the butterscotch you were looking for.

Chocolate Brown

You could say this is a classic colour – a true winter warmer. However, stylists have recommended using this colour tactically in warmer months. You may be tempted to lighten up in the spring to summer seasons, but having a rich, brown colour can help you stand out in a sea of highlights and blondes at that time of year. It also compliments bold, bright clothing colours that are popular at that time of year.

Hygge hair

This is one of the most exciting seasonal trends that has hit salons and Pinterest pages alike in 2017. Hygge (hue-gah) is the Danish art of harnessing the feeling of comfort: as this is from Scandanavia, think soft furnishings, candles, and log fires. The word comes from their need to survive long, dark winters. For Hygge hair, embrace the spectrum of autumnal shades and never let the darkness in! You’re injecting warmth and colour into your style, so copper, rose, red and blonde are all welcome to last out the winter with you as part of your Hygge do!


Who says colouring needs to be subtle? Platinum makes a spring statement without having to ‘blend’ to the season’s ‘normal’ colours. The brightness and lightness of your shade tells others you’ve made a serious commitment to stand out – but you’re also not ready to embrace the darkness of the coming autumn.

There are so many more seasonal colours to choose from, and our stylists and colourists at Barbarella hair can provide expert tips and advice on your next style. Book an appointment today to see how we can get you ready for autumn!